Mech Brigade

Strategy 1985 Dos SSI World Wars

Four scenarios and one of the most accurate wargame from the 80s

Mech Brigade is one of the most detailed, painstakingly accurate in terms of realism, and also, easy to play wargames that were every created in the mid 80s and, even towards the end of the 80s few games can say that they've managed to put a dent in this game's hard earned position. So, to explain what makes it so special I will have to detail the systems that make up the game, from the infantry to the artillery, to the tanks and so on. Each of these units are described by numerical attributes. While many wargames just chose these attributes randomly or semi randomly, mainly to fit the game in terms of balancing, in Mech Brigade they are carefully collected form the real world, form the actual conflicts and from detailed information about each machinery. This, is why a game of Mech Brigade feels so real, so satisfying and in truth, it can approximate the success of a real battle situation so thoroughly. So, try it out, Mech Brigade is all about realism, all about managing to stay easy to play even if it doesn't dumb nothing down, and also, Mech Brigade remains a game that can be very unpredictable, with a very good AI, plus random scenarios that can spawn countless hours of fun. A nice download alternative can be Kampfgruppe, but Mech Brigade is definitely ahead of this one.

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