101 Airborne

Strategy 1998 Windows Empire Interactive World Wars

The simulation is really good

It is a squad based strategic simulation based on the world war theme and supports a lot of action along with the strategic scope that it has. You will basically run a squad here where you have around 18 members. The target in the game that you have is to counter the German forces to stop them from creating havoc at the Normandy beachheads. You will reach the location with you members as paratroopers. There are 48 different troopers in the game and each one of them has their varied set of skills. So it is at your discretion to choose the 18 among them so that they fit best for the missions. You will equip them, and will assign them different missions in different areas of the enemies. The great thing in the game is that the simulation of chaos has been depicted tremendously and there is a wide variety if happenings that you can see in the game. Every mission has its distinct elements and has a varied gameplay which makes the game high on playability and interest for the user. The graphics are great and the controls are swift and fined tuned with the gameplay. The interface in the game is also good enough and it is in my view a classic strategy game. However you can find better ones as well like Offensive.

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