MechCommander Gold

Strategy 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Real time Isometric

Mech this a night to remember

Anyone who loves giant robots and is in search of a real time strategy game like Command & Conquer should definitely consider checking out this spinoff from the Battletech franchise. This Gold edition is a good way to get into it too, as it packages the original MechCommander with an expansion pack while also making several improvements to things like the scenery, and including new mechs, a mission editor and other such things. The original campaign sees you in the role of a commander trying to drive out an enemy faction while taking control of a number of different mechs across several missions, where you can also capture enemy mechs and buildings while engaging in intense real time combat. The key attraction here is the way that the original tabletop RPG elements are incorporated into the game and you'll see your own mechs develop and gain new skills as they perform well on the battlefield. For the most part, this is a fine update to an already decent game. The new additions and changes bring some interesting elements to things, with the mechs offering some nice challenges and giving the game more variety. The new campaign doesn't feel like that much effort was put into it, which is a little disappointing as it could have made this into an essential play, but it's still a solid effort. The mission editor is a nice addition though and you can have some fun coming up with your own creations. The visuals remain as sound as ever, while the controls are nice and slick, and all this combined makes this a fine addition to the genre.

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