Mayday: Conflict Earth

Strategy 1998 Windows JoWood Productions Real time Isometric Science Fiction

A mediocre strategy game

Mayday: Conflict Earth is a futuristic real-time strategy game brought to us by JoWood Productions Software. Mayday had the promise to bring us a great war experience between three factions and global domination. However, it was a disappointing game that didn't end the year 2000 very well and is mostly considered an average game that didn't really have to offer anything original. The story of the game is told through full motion video briefings, but can be summed up in short like this: you get briefed about your next mission, destroy enemy forces or protect your base or anything else that needs protecting and that's it. If you're wondering, this almost seems to be a rip-off of Tiberian Sun, which had the same mechanics, but was well executed. The gameplay is the same like in any other strategy game: build a base, build an army and meet your objectives. Nothing too special. While the graphics and sound are pretty good and the FMV briefing are quite entertaining, these don't really the game much. Overall, Mayday: Conflict Earth is a mediocre RTS game and it should only be played just for curiosity.

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