Strategy 1998 Windows Microprose Organized forces Real time

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Mech mine a double!

Although this is a very different game from those which spawned it, being as it is a spinoff from the classic mech combat series MechWarrior, this is a very enjoyable experience which offers a whole new way to experience the thrills of commanding giant assault suits. This one is an RTS, more like Command & Conquer and Dune 2, and which offers pretty much everything that mech fans would desire in such a game. You're in command of the First Davion Guards and it's your job to drive your rivals, the Smoke Jaguars, out of one of your areas and re-take it for yourself. This backdrop forms the central concept of the following conflict and you'll take part in a number of missions which mostly involve blowing up enemy mechs. The game takes the classic RTS formula and throws in eighteen different mechs to control, lots of vehicles, some cool and very destructive weaponry, and interactive scenery that can help sway the tide of battle if used well. You can also take control of buildings, which gives you access to new weapons, while there's also an RPG element as you can upgrade your own mechs in various areas to make them even more effective. If you are a fan of the original Battletech games or just RTSs in general, you're in for a treat here. This one features plenty of strategic depth and variety, with a good range of missions and heaps of equipment to try out and which helps give the game some serious replay value. It's all helped by a very slick control system, some neat visuals, solid sound, and which all combine to make this a great choice for any armchair general.

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