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Be a locomotive pilot!

Mechanik sets you in the shoes of a trains mechanic/pilot and asks you to deliver freight or passengers safely to the desired location. And, while you might think that it doesn't take a lot to drive a train, which after all travels on its own tracks, so steering is not an issue, there are however a few activities that you will need to keep in mind. One such activity is that of constantly monitoring the train, looking to keep it working properly, adjusting the speed and making sure you don't experience any issues. But if you have to take decisive action, break the train or do some other maneuver, whether it be something that is regular or something that is just done as an emergency, you'll have to promptly respond. But, for the most part, given that Mechanik allows you to drive modern trains, it's mostly just a chill game, with you just sitting around and admiring the scenery. Which is good enough for the most part, all things considered. So, if you love trains, and locomotives especially, or if you ever wandered how it must feel to be a train pilot/mechanic, well, now you have your chance. Else, just download Train Simulator which offers a similar kind of gameplay, and is definitely just as well produced.

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