NS Arnhem

Simulation 1994 Dos R. Plokhaar Building Civil

Trains simulation; Dutch language only

NS Arnhem is a Dutch train simulation game, in some ways having the same build as Trains, but with an accent on building a self sustained train network. So, you start the game with a small budget and can start building trains. The better you manage to produce them, and the better you lay the tracks, you will be able to transport the fray easier and thus be capable of getting more money in your pocket. Another great advantage that this game has is that NS Arnhem looks better than Trains. The graphics are almost 16bit like, even if in 2D, but, compared to Railroad Tycoon they certainly are lesser. Still, for all intents and purposes, the game is very playable, a lot of fun, and, also way fun and well produced. It's also got an economics portions, as I noted, but that should not scare you, since the basic game is still pretty simple and well produced, and, thus, great for play sessions where you don't want to go too deep into it. So, great for a few minutes of play every so often, when you have just a few minutes to spend gaming.

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