NS Hilversum

Simulation 1995 Dos R. Plokhaar Building Civil

Train sim; not too polished; definitely playable

NS Hilversum is a train sim game done very minimally, with loads of text and with ASCII graphics that show you how the railroads communicate, and with controls that are mostly text based. It's definitely fun to play, and very complex after you've sunk into it. The idea is that you have to control your ever increasing fleet of trains, some passenger oriented, some freight; the game gets more complex with each new level, and the first few do a great job of teaching you the basics, but towards the second half of the missions, you're really going to have to think things through really carefully, to avoid situations where you might find yourself unable to stop a crash from occurring. But for the right kind of player, NS Hilversum really does a great deal, is a shining example of a well executed simulation. Yes, graphically it might not be the best thing in tows, but this is not about that – this is about complex timing and management of trains. Else, if you feel like more of a joy ride, Mechanik will put you in the seat of the train driver, from where it will offer you a great conductor's view of what train riding means and what it entails. So, overall, NS Hilversum is fun, exceptionally intricate, and definitely for hardcore players.

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