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Brilliant air traffic control simulation game

It is among the very best simulation games related to Air Traffic Control which the developer has formulated with the help of Microsoft. Well with the Microsoft thing in, you can easily imagine the stunning graphics and exciting game play that it will give. You get to utilize a wide array of exciting options while you play the game. Such options include weather control options, Adjustments in difficulty level, online help which is aided by windows and 3D animations which facilitate a realistic experience. The arrival and the departure of the planes make you feel like you are on a real air base. Though you will get use to the interface with time, but the innovative versatility and the complex but interesting scenarios are really incredible. The music in the game is also very realistic along with the voice of the pilot. It runs very smooth on Windows 95, 98 and 2000 ME. So excellent graphics, smooth game-play, great music and a healthy bag of options makes is top notch of this genre. I have also recently been playing Air Traffic Controller and the game is a fine simulation.

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