Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Action 2003 Windows EA Games Military FPS

Solid but unispired FPS

The long running WWII FPS series takes a trip to the east for this fifth instalment, giving players the opportunity to take the fight to Japan in the wake of the assault on Pearl Harbor. The opening level is indeed set during this attack and this is perhaps the game's finest moment, as it really captures its intensity and is a genuinely exciting gaming experience. The Medal of Honor series has always been at its best with this kind of level, and this Rising Sun at least continues this tradition. Following this impressive start, the rest of the game tails off somewhat and continues in more conventional shooter fashion. The following levels take players into the heart of Pacific theatre of war, with missions set in Singapore, Manila, and Guadalcanal and which do a pretty decent job of capturing the feel of being just one soldier in the chaos of war. However, while on the surface, Rising Sun seems like it should be an excellent shooter, it does fall down on several counts. It is undeniably short, with a campaign that lasts just a few hours and which lacks much replay value. Graphically too, the game seems a bit of a step back from its predecessors, with a certain lack of variety and detail. Enemy AI is also inconsistent, making for several frustrating moments when they don't react as they should. Rising Sun certainly isn't a bad FPS, and does offer plenty of exhiliarating set pieces, but when compared with the earlier games in the series and the Call of Duty or Battlefield series, it is a little disappointing.

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