Magic Polalamin

Arcade 1998 Windows Black Fish Vertical shooter Humorous Anime

Shoot em up arcader with Japanese styled graphics

The game is a very unique brand of front scrolling shooter and with a few other elements that add diversity to the basic gameplay. But, it is not even this combination og arcade gameplay modes that puts the game front and center, it is the very unique Japanese styled graphics which borrow a few ideas from more straightforward European anime drawing. This leads to a game that is very colorful and very animated, while also managing to be well enough polished and well enough diverse visually to keep you grounded for long periods of time. Also, the fire hells of the Japanese pure blood shoot em ups is still present, but only at peek points in the game; for most of the time the game doesn't pin you in puzzle like corridors, with just a unique, single possible solution, being more lenient than most other games that want you to be on top of your game at all times. Plus, there are many bosses in the game as well, most of them sufficiently nasty to require some reloading, but again, this is not an impossible game, even though the Japanese hardcore elements are right there, in your face. You might want to try the 1942 vertical shooter for a less overall demanding experience.

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