Arcade 2001 Windows Taito Vertical shooter Anime

a fantastic shooting game

This game is a spectacular vertical shooter game which brings a lot of depth in the form of variety of game play options. The first feature which is admirable with this game is it's pretty looking 3D environments which range from deserts to futuristic cities to cyber based grid constructions. Two modes of game play have been devised where one is the special mode and the other is the original mode. Both the modes features war ships that have different weapons which can be launched when you take the attack gauge to full strength. You have to be careful while launching the weapons as you surely do not want to waste them. The enemies continue to appear on your screen and makes the game tougher and tougher. The background of the game which feature 3D polygonal objects and fantastic light effects are really jaw dropping. The variety of weapons and the frequency of power ups is a limited one but still the game has turned out fine for me. It's not as good as the smash hit G-Darius but is quite exciting for lovers of shooter games.

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