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What would happen if Gradius and R Type collided?

Sidescrolling shooters are 10 pence a dozen, this is a genre that has never been deplete of game, but in this genre few games have acquired the status and the following of R Type and of Gradius. That is because, while these games were among the first ones to popularize the genre, they were also insanely well made. I mean, genres typically tend to evolve and the better stuff is not always the space for the innovators, but no, these 2 games were absolutely fantastic. So, a developer went out to develop a mash up type game, taking the ideas spewed forth by the classics and put them up together, to create an even more fascinating game. Why this game did not because a classic, well, it's more a question of timing, but, if you want a great shooting and evasion experience, while controlling a ship left to right, this gem will not let you down. Graphically it is excellent, with backgrounds that take both the metallic and the organic elements of R Type while the shooting and patterns are more a nod towards Gradius. But, the game does have its own personality, sure within the tropes of the genre, which is why you're going to love it. Do, however, expect some serious difficult stages, though the pacing is leniently increased in it's sloping, so you'll have the time to get used to it.

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