Tomak Save the Earth, Again

Arcade 2002 Windows Game Park Vertical shooter Anime

Mad and enjoyable Korean shooter

This has to be on the list of games with the coolest titles but even without its crazy name, Tomak would still be a fine game for fans of obscure shooters. It's a little known Korean actioner that doesn't offer much in the way of innovation in its gameplay, but more than makes up for this with its superb art style and intense action. It's rather similar in many ways to the likes of Metal Slug and sees players taking control of one of three typically bonkers Asian-style characters, one of which is a girl inside a flowerpot, which gives you some idea of what to expect. The rest of the game is familiar horizontally scrolling shooter, with numerous large levels which are broken down in stages with unique boss battles at the end of each and which rival R-Type for their sheer, screen-filling impressiveness. One neat twist that the game offers is that as you successfully shoot enemies, you charge up a meter which, once fully charged can be used to power your secondary weapon, allowing you to unleash more powerful and effective destruction. Apart from this though, it's very business as usual in terms of gameplay and while it is undeniably fun, there is one major problem which brings the game down: it's incredibly short. There are only a handful of levels to complete and while they are challenging, it's still not going to take anyone very long to see the ending. This is a shame as there is a lot to like here, from the wonderful art style to the intense action itself and cool sound. If you can ignore the short running time and enjoy shooters though, then you are bound to have a blast.

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