Medieval 2

Strategy 2000 Windows Incredible Simulation Historical Organized forces

Exciting medieval strategy game

Nothing to do with the similarly titled entry in the Total War series, this is the follow up to a largely unknown hex-based wargame that takes players back to the Middle Ages and allows them to recreate most of the famous battles of the period. The game takes a turn-based approach to its combat, but is fast paced enough to provide plenty of entertainment for those who enjoy their games with lots of action and is thus recommended for a variety of gamers. Medieval 2 focuses on squad level engagements, with a king, commander, knights and militia making up the bulk of your forces. Although there are only a limited number of unit types on display here, there is enough variation in the types of formations you can organise them into to make up for this, at least partially. Most of the famous battles are represented here, include Hastings and Agincourt, amongst others, with even the Amazons and Robin Hood popping up in a fantasy scenario (although not together!). Battles are played out via an overhead perspective, with players issuing commands to their units using a simple interface that allows for some tactical depth while maintaining an appropriately exciting pace. The graphics are simple enough, with sprites that are highly recognisable and with environments that lack detail but which nevertheless are quite attractive. Medieval 2 is a charming slice of strategy fun, both accessible to newcomers and yet challenging and complex enough for veterans of Steel Panthers and the like, and it comes highly recommended.

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