No Greater Glory

Strategy 1991 Dos SSI Historical

Civil War tabletop strategy/wargame

No Greater Glory offer you the chance to witness and to take charge of any of the sides that were in conflict during the American Civil Rights War. The game is your regular tabletop wargaming digital recreation. This means that you will be involved in the higher hierarchical setup of the troops, managing them in their larger numbers. Cavalry, pedestrians, riflemen and other units of the era are all included, but instead of micromanaging them, you will be in charge of their overall set up on the map and of their general position and higher level strategic placement. Like any respectable strategy game, this too will charge you with managerial tasks and economical options, but, this portion never gets too complicated, so it will not mess up your main gameplay portion of the game. The game offers you the chance to play sandbox style but also to get at the helm of certain historical battles. These recreations are rather nice, and you thus get the chance to rewrite history and to explore different strategic options that might have changed the course of history back in the day. With ok graphics, and no elements that stand out as poorly produced, No Greater Glory is a good tabletop wargame, worth a try if you are a fan of the genre.

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