Mega Man X3

Action 1995 Windows Virgin Interactive Cartoon Platformer

A modern take on the Mega Man recipe

Mega Man X3 looks and feels like a Mega Man game from the past transported into the future. It is still done in 2D but the level of graphical detail and the way the game plays has more to do with modern times than any of the older games. Also, another change is that the difficulty curve seems to have been considered a bit more carefully. If a regular early 90s Mega Man would be a bit on the unbalanced and not that calculated a path in terms of how the difficulty level was, that is no longer the case now; Still, though, it's not an easy game, but there is more of a progression to it rather than I the past where you wouldn't know how hard the level you were in would be. Also, X3 is a pretty meaty game, lots of levels and lots of reasons to keep playing. For some it will be hit or miss, but for hardcore fans of Mega Man, it's still a great game, one that really makes itself really interesting to play. Any other games in the same vein? Well, you could go on a retro trip with the first few Mega Man adventures, they're all pretty cool for serious platformer fans.

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