B-17 Flying Fortress

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Microprose World Wars Historical Military flight

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Irritating but you may consider the varied missions

B-17 Flying Fortress is an action fight simulation game developed and published in 1992 by MicroProse. This game also features team management, and every member of the crew has its own abilities concerning piloting, bombing and gunnery. If you want to play as a pilot, having multiple options and enjoying a memorable and complete experience in the air, then you may skip this game, because it won't satisfy you. The missions are diverse, a bit interesting, and hardly accurate. I, personally experienced an hour (because this is how much I endured) of irritating and frustrating gameplay. I just couldn't find anything that was user-friendly. Most of the games of this genre concentrate on the most advanced fighter jets, but this game allows you to stay in a B-17 flying fortress, with plenty of room, with which you have a lot to perform in the air. But it is a pity that the game couldn't offer me a great time, just because the difficulty was way too hard. You have the possibility to control any position on the B-17, and beside piloting the aircraft, you can also play as the gunner and the bomber, so this is convenient. The producers didn't worked as they should at the sounds area, because you would be lucky if you could hear the sound of a bomb, weapon or something like that. You just hear the engine, the same boring noise over and over again. I don't recommend this game except for its varied missions, but as for the rest, it is a real torture. If you endure more than an hour of playing it, you have my deep respect!

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