Aces over Europe

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Flight sim from the creators of Red Baron

Aces over Europe is a graphically superior (WWII) flight simulator to Red Baron but in terms of gameplay it is very similar to that one. In fact, Red Baron is it's precursor and many of the gameplay mechanics are shared. To experience this game at its best you better have a joystick and, if you can, a Throttle control pad, as the game takes itself relatively serious. While not simulating the physics of flight too in depth, the game is a good combination of arcade flight games with just enough simulation to keep it very playable. The game is split into a number of missions, some in which you will fly for the US Army Force, some which will put you in the cockpit of the RAF (Russian Air Force). Each mission will have different objectives, from recon missions to carpet bombing and everything in between. The game will see you attempting missions that have been documented in the annals of history but you can't rewrite history. If you fail a mission you have to retry it. Expect to fly the famous Spitfire, the Focke-Wulf and many other staples of the WWII era aeronautics. The game is still playable today and the games won't look half bad, quite on the contrary, the level of detail will most certainly amaze you. AOE is thus a great flight game both graphically as well as control wise and it features an entertaining lot of missions to keep fans of the genre entertained for days.

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