Heroes of the 357th

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight World Wars Military flight

WWII themed flight sim based focused on the England campaigns

In Heroes of the 357th you will mostly fly over England, at the helm of some historical aircrafts that were used by the British during this Second World War. You have access to the P521 Mustang, the F117 and a few more; aircrafts that have proven their worth during these periods and that were used for bombing, for recognizance, in the occasional dogfight or for other high speed, high intensity warfare i the ski. Graphically the game is within the bounds of the era, 92, which means that the ground below is neither too well endowed with color or height maps, nor is it a sheet of bidimensional one color background. You are still pretty much confided to the cockpit, but at least the clocks and displays are actually functional, adding to the draw of the sim. All in all, Heroes of the 357th doesn't have that appeal that oldies tend to have for themselves, nor is it too modern a game to sort of sell itself to you as an early modern game. It's thus in a bit of a limbo, in terms of the kind of people I'd assume would be interested in playing it. Anyway, given that the installer is pretty small, if you stumble over it and are drawn in to the premise of the WWII British portion of aerial combat, try it. It's alright for what it is. Alternatively, see Blue Max: Aces of the Great War, so much more an aggressive flight game.

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