Action 2002 Windows Megaware Multimedia B.V. Third Person

A shell of what it used to be..

When the game first came out, apparently it had cd audio, and a whole host of options. Although it wasn't, even then, anything special, it was playable. The Dutch company that originated it appear to have 'parted it out' however.. and although there's still a setting in the prefs for 'music volume' there isn't any music..the prefs are cut back too.. gone is the preferences for setting resolutions, and flipper strength, and what prefs are chosen are no longer kept between sessions, so you have to reset all your preferences each time you start the game... there is still a file called preferences in there, but it no longer gets written to.. At least there's three tables still..Wait, sorry .. the 'monsters' table no lomger works on Vista/Windows 7 unless your video card is perfectly compatible.. on most systems , the plunger does not have enough power to launch the ball onto the table, due to some missing libraries.You will get bored of this game quickly, and because the developers must know that, they have supposedly 'funny' messages like "Play accurately or we can give you square ball." or "Even your grandmother likes White Lynx Pinball"..Seriously! And if that isn't enough.. there's a poorly drawn picture of what looks to be a dune buggy driving across the bottom of your monitor... The strange thing is, it is still being sold , despite the fact that one table is unplayable, both as digital downloads and as cdroms.. even though the company that made it is apparently defunct.. so i wonder just who gets paid.. and seeing as there's nobody left to write upgrades and / or patches for it, it is unlikely to ever have that table working.Some people have, however , had luck getting the 'Monsters' table to work by changing to true color , which is the only video option still available. In conclusion, it's now gone from average pinball to an absolutely dull, and flawed, game, and I'd say it's only for those that absolutely *have* to try every pinball out there!

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