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Game creation tool from ZZT creator

If you've ever played ZZT on DOS in the 80s or early 90s then you will probably get a good idea of what this creation tool for games is all about; ZZT was an action/adventure/RPG game, but more than that, it was an ASCII based game creation tool, that could be used to write any number of games, as independent modules. Many developers have started their game production and, generally, game design on old ZZT. Much like this game/tool, Megazeux is a more complex, VGA graphics capable game creation tool, from design to game programming. It even contains a very simple, easy to use and understand programming language, if you want to create NPC behaviors or if you want a more complex set of game links and levers, to take your game to the next level. At any rate, for occasional bedroom coding and design, Megazeux is more than helpful and more than anything, feature complete. A similar offering you should download is Adventure Game Studio, one of the most capable adventure game engines and productivity tools freely available.

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