Congo: Descent into Zinj

Adventure 1995 Windows Viacom New Media First person

Game based off the movie

Congo: Descent into Zinj, is a game based off the 90's movie "Congo". If you don't remember the movie Congo, it was that corny horror movie with the talking ape "Amy" and the team of explorers that are being killed off in a cliche fashion one by one by insane apes. Basically the movie, was a Planet of the Apes crossed with King Kong rip off. The game is basically an adventure game that is of coarse, based off the movie. The adventure game is set out like a Myst game, where you are stuck in the jungle. The game has cinematic sequences, in which actors talk to you through your satellite navigation system. Unlike in the Myst adventure game, the adventure scenes have a jittery cinematic of where you are actually going, in the game, that takes a few seconds between each adventure scene. There are some fairly easy puzzles and you can hold a lot of inventory unlike in Myst. The game actually does give a 3D element and is feels very ahead of it's time for an adventure game. Compared to most horrible games that are made from movie adaptations, it is actually not that bad. When you die, you start from the last scene and an apes skull just appears. The game is very linear and tries to make it feel like you are in control of the game, yet is a very set path and repetitive if you die, which can be very boring unless you are a huge adventure game fan.

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