Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger

Adventure 1995 Windows Dosbox Viacom New Media Science Fiction Mystery Action based

For Star Trek fans only

Star Trek fans will likely be in heaven with Harbinger, offering as it does a fantastic opportunity to explore the much-loved universe, but non-followers will likely find its mix of game styles underwhelming and would be better off looking elsewhere. The idea behind the game is certainly intriguing and plays out in the form of an adventure as players take on the role of a special envoy who finds himself involved in a complex murder plot and which leads to intergalactic war. While not overly burdened with originality, the narrative is compelling enough, certainly feeling true to the series and providing much of the game's appeal. In terms of gameplay however, Harbinger scores slightly less well. It is made up of a mix of puzzling, action sequences and character interaction which, while it could have made for a solid game, instead turns out to be a bit of a mistake as it makes things feel disjointed, as if it is several smaller games that happen to be linked by an overall plot. On the visuals side, things are again a bit of a mixed bag. The interior environments certainly look the part and again this will be the big draw for series fans as it really does bring the universe to life in a great way. However, the character models are rather poorly done, looking more like awkwardly animated puppets than real people and which give the game a rather comedic feel. Furthermore, the lip syncing is equally bad and enhances the problem. If you can get past this though, and you are an avid Star Trek fan, there is a decent adventure here. However, if you have no interest in DS9, then you can happily skip this.

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