Neighbours from Hell

Adventure 2003 Windows JoWood Productions Humorous Cartoon Action based Puzzle Simulator

It's all fun in this adventure game!

Neighbours from Hell is a game (togheter to Neighbours from Hell 2), who will make you laugh a lot. The game offers a little bit of challenge, fun of seeing the neighbor being angry about the pranks that have been played on him, however there's not much replay in the game. Neighbours from Hell only offer a campaign-like set of missions where the objective is the same and simple: collect object and use them in the right places in order to annoy the neighbor to a certain extent. The first series of levels are pretty simple, but the second and third "seasons" prove to be more harder, due to the fact that you need to manuever in other room you couldn't access before. This offers new prank opportunities and starting from season two, you need to get past one of the neighbor's pets in order to avoid contact with him. In all of the levels, timing is the key to achieving the maximum rating for the respective level. Other times, you need to place more than one trap in a room in order to receive bonuses to your rating.

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