Simon the Sorcerer 3D

Adventure 2002 Windows Adventure Soft Publishing Humorous 3D action adventure Tpp Fantasy

The first 3D adventure of Simon

The Simon the Sorcerer adventure series is fondly remembered by the adventure gamers of yore, and for good measure, really, given that all of the games managed to bring forth both a dose of high fantasy shenanigans, a lot of diverse interactions, gameplay wise, and also a good dose of humor. Simon, the protagonist has always been a bit of a knucklehead wizard, and because of that, he always managed to get himself in trouble more often than solve problems. But you got to be gentle towards him: he's a young wizard, just learning to navigate the realm of the arcane and also to acquire some social skills. Therefore, the entire list of adventure games with him have that kind of fresh feel, of initiation, because the character himself is going through that. So, was a 3D engine really necessary in a series that thrived in well etched 2D? Well, I'd say that this game marks the transition and that will be seen in a lot of his adventuring. From the camera angles that sometimes manage to get in the way of your playing the game, to the lower quality graphics (which have character, however), yeah, it's a hit and miss type of thing. But, I, personally found the game ok and playable, though not as diverse as its older siblings. But is it worth a go for fans of Simon? Without a question, yes, just make sure you give the game some time; don't abandon it in the first few minutes and you'll be on for a quality adventure package!

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