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Royal Navy recruitment game; land a helicopter!

I love games that describe very particular simulations, that don't feel the need to simulate too much, but that which they offer you is very well delivered and implemented. Well, in Merlin you get a nice, highly satisfying dose of action, a very specific kind of action; what is it? Well, it's landing a helicopter on a moving frigate. Because that is all that is offered and, mind you, even this bit is timed, you don't get much in the realm of diversity. Sure, you can choose some different scenarios, but the additional elements consist of the addition or subtraction of other planes or helicopters around, the time of day and a few others. But, the controls are very well implemented, almost genuine simulator style. If you can be bothered, rig the game to a serious set up of controls, with pedals, a joystick and some other additional controls. It may take a while, through a DosBox install, but that will afford you the best experience. It's incredibly well realized graphically too, in spite of some jaggedness due to a smaller resolution, overall you will feel that you are there. So, yeah, plays well, it's very minimalist, but nice. For a more thorough helicopter game, download Comanche 3 if you don't care for realism, but want a realistic yet arcade like helicopter action game.

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