Dog Fight - 80 years of aerial warfare

Simulation 1993 Dos MicroProse Flight Military flight

Lite WWI flight sim

This game offers a good dose of WWI inspired flight missions, in an ok graphic presentation that is in tune with the period in which it was designed. The game has quite a few optimization of flight options that it makes available, and the realism setting can be set to levels that will make you comfortable. This is very helpful if you plan to play this one from the helm of a keyboard, as some of the controls will be easier to grasp. At any rate, the game makes use of a simple ground surface, which doesn't really sport no elevations, and it pinpoints your target with a cursor so that you always know where you have to be heading. There will be quite a bit of dogfights waiting on you, and a few other missions as well. However, the game is far from sprawling, and quite soon enough it's limits will drive you away. The Lite manner in which the game is designed means that there isn't much context for the fighting, and, as such, after you dabble in a few missions and manage a successful landing, you will have has enough if this game's charms.

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