Corncob 3D

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox MVP Software Flight Military flight

Go for it if you want real action

The game is a well-drawn and thought out flight simulation which has a plot which changes the history into a fun plot. The plot is that WW2 never occurred because of the reason that Hitler went through a very fatal injury in his early youth days and never made it to the big thrown. Now the alternative scenario is that it is the aliens that have invaded earth and they want to take over so that the humans can clean up their toilets for them. Well the plot is hilarious for me at least. Apart from the plot, the game is sheer fun with great flight dynamics and weaponry that you can use against the aliens. The technology that is being used by the aliens is not that much advanced as we normally see and this reason they have not yet managed to take control over the earth. You can destroy their structure using 500lb bomb. The lands on which you will be doing the air fight are grasslands, wastelands and other lands which have faced chaos from the aliens. The navigation options in the game are very good and the graphics are absolutely clear along with smooth control. So just go all guns blazing and destroy the power plants and the localities of the aliens. The action in this game is as good and diverse as seen in U.S. Navy Fighters.

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