Chex Quest 3

Action 1998 Windows Dosbox Shooter Futuristic

Very unique and higly original

Another game based on id's engine, Chex Quest is a pretty awesome futuristic first person shooter game that has the same cool features as Doom or Heretic on whose image this game was created. It is interesting to know that this, third game in the Chex Quest series didn't come out until late 2008 and then it was only as a service to the fans. Well, no matter, it's here. And it's very awesome if I may say. It's not as violent as its spiritual predecessors are, but it still has the same vibe and same creepy atmosphere all of id's game share. The game has a very unique and highly original graphical design and art which really makes it stand out when compared to other games of the genre. Still, the gameplay is intense, the action is hot and the violent fun is as present as before. Well, if you ever loved shooters with a specially creepy atmosphere, you are sure to love this game. Chex Quest can easily be called the former game's brother.

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