Miami Vice

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Capstone Platformer

Too little to do with the movie; mediocre action sidescroller

Miami Vice is a cookie cutter sidescroller action game, the kind that, except for the colored protagonists, do so very little to pay any tribute to the original game. You basically get a series of levels and in them you have to collect keys or other trinkets, shoot or beat up the baddies and just get to the end of it all. Not much narrative, and even if there were any, the gameplay is just so lacking in any link to the movies that it could be a game made out of any other action movie. Of course, insult to injury could not have missed. In this one the insult is the low fi graphics. Not that I expected an HD fest from 89, but still, there could have been a few more creative backgrounds and a few more additional portions that would give this game a bit more accents. Over in the injury department is the gameplay, which, as I said, it's repetitive, unremarkable at the most and generally tilted towards just stupid. And so, what can I say; there are so many options out there, games such as Predator 2 to download that just makes such a much better job of turning a movie digital and keeping something from the original too.

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