Predator 2

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Konami Gangster

Messy, punk like on rails sidescrolling shooter!

Right from the title (of my review!) you can pretty much make up your mind about this game. It's a pretty weird combination of gameplay. You are sent on a sidescrolling chase that works as your regular 3D on rail shooters (Virtua Cop, The House of the Dead, etc) only that it's a... sidescroller. Pretty weird, as it could have easily been a 3D game, given that this game was released in 1990. But well, I guess the developers were paying tribute to older recreations of on rails shooters for the NES, which also had to take hits on the graphical department and come up with weird ways of allowing the game to work without too much hardware to make it all run on top of. The punk attitude of the game (you, the player, is symbolized by a see through white character, what more you want to demonstrate the rat pack attitude of the game, hehe!) will entice some, and will probably make some think that this was a game in progress. Nope, it's the punk attitude (man!) which I can actually get behind, as long as the game is deserving of it. And Predator 2 surely is!

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