Michael Jordan in Flight

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Basketball

Not a flight sim, though MJ could jump high!

This is a very early fully 3D basketball sim, and for that it lacks the polish that similar 2D games could muster back in 93, when this Electronic Arts game was released. Based and marketed on the image and popularity of Michael Jordan, it did little to actually profit from the star expect for using his image during intermediary scenes in the menu and through slighly better animations for his player character. However, the atmosphere of the game is pretty weird, kind of like spooky, not because the game is some weird basketball with a horror twist in it, but because, in order to save video card memory space or processing power, the fields are left in total black. The camera generally centers around a player that is highlighted and follows him around, kind of like in an action 3D game from a third person perspective, which is really not the best possible choice for an action basketball game. The controls, the graphics and generally the game is a bit unruly due to its freshness to the perspective and you'd be hard pressed to really find it enjoyable today. If you want to go back to the mid 90s for a basketball sim, rather go for NBA Live 95, 2D but much more playable than Michael Jordan in Flight, which, for me, will remain more of an experimental title rather than anything else.

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