One on One - Jordan Vs Bird

Sport 1988 Dos Electronic Arts Basketball

Half field basketball sim

This game's scope is more limited than your regular basketball simulator, as it only endeavors to offer you a slam dunk competition, the mid court type deal. It does so in an arcade, flashy fashion, that will stress your eye hand coordination and reflexes and your ability to concentrate. The game is produced in an era when Michael Jordan was the most notorious and well loved player, and thus, having him as a prop for this game is not a surprise. But, definitely, that doesn't raise the game from its minigame type deal that it offers, no matter how hyped it might have been when it was first released! At any rate, as long as you don't expect more than you're getting, within One on One - Jordan Vs Bird you'll get just that: a surprisingly fun slam dunk delivered arcade style. Graphically it's a well done 2D experience of the 16 bit DOS era visual style, not bad, not bad at all, but weirdly enough not unseen. At any rate, you can jab, you can spin, you can finger roll, all that jazz associated with half field play, and so, for street basketball loving people this will get the job done, without question. And if not, Double Dribble might, so give that one a look as well.

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