Lakers vs Celtics

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The great basketball dunk

Lakers vs Celtics is a game where you get to defense against the great Michael Jordan or can stop Charles Barkley from completing his famous runaway dunk. Well if it's not enough, you even get to play these characters with their full realistic features. The game is based on the NBA playoffs of 1989 and features 8 teams which made it to the quarterfinals. This means that one can choose Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Utah, phoenix, Detroit or Chicago. The western and the eastern division all-star teams have also been included which have made things even exciter. The game gives you the option to play with some friend or battle it out with any of your loved team in the lineup. A password mode has been provided in the playoffs which allow you to continue the game from the point where you have left it. Now this is something which I call an option. They have put a lot more brains into this version because it's not all out attacking but it also provides a great line of defense. Though you get to control only one player but the control can easily be shifted. Brisk passing, high dunks, tight defense and swift movement on the court are only some of the features that they have incorporated into this Edition. The graphics are also vibrant and user friendly and you can easily make out what's happening on the court in detail. The 1993 Michael Jordan in Flight featuring digitized video is the other game to try out for a great old basketball experience.

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