Mickey's Space Adventure

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Cartoon Education

Mickey Mouse edutainment title

Where will Mickey Mouse will bring us in this episode? Space Adventures is a cartoon game which has been designed to cater those youngsters who are still learning reading. The educational theme in this game has been made interesting by using the famous rodent character mickey who is loved by people all over the world. Mickey will set on a space adventure where it will explore different things and interact with different items of the gameplay. The game involves a text based progression as mickey moves the story on by constructing various sentences from the given nouns and verbs in the game. The story that is constructed out has quite an originality and is really indulging for the youngsters. The Graphics in the game are cartoonish but pleasant and they really attract the attention of those who love this character. The educational aspect of the game has been presented around a lot of engaging elements which make learning easy and effective. The level designs are original and distinctive and they have a good variety of fun elements. The controls in the game are also very responsive and they really provide for a fun filled experience. Space Adventure is another space game which has a different theme but is a lot of fun.

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