Beauty and The Beast

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Tie in Disney Beauty and The Beast edutainment bundle

The Beauty and the Beast feature length animation was one of them most well received Disney cartoons of the 90s, a beautiful, emotional as well as funny production. As was Disney's manner, they all produced a lot of tie ins, products, games and clothing as well. So, if you've just experienced the timeless classic animation and aren't yet ready to say goodbye to it, this digital bundle of education minigames can be a great way to extent your stay in the castle of the beast. The minigames range from logical puzzles to memory games, to matching times and a few others. The greatest thing though is the superb animations and background graphics, most likely directly taken from the animation itself, so, you'll feel right in the movie. Each activity once completed will offer you a surprise, an animation from the movie, a picture or something else that fans of Beauty and The Beast the movie will love. Yeah, edutainment wise maybe Beauty and The Beast it's not the most value adding game ever, but it sure is a well produced one, lovely, great for fans of the Disney classic. Play it along with the movie, and have, for instance, Disney's Hercules around, for a bit of sidescrolling challenge with just as lovely animations.

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