I.M. Meen

Adventure 1995 Windows Dosbox Animation Magic Cartoon Education

Correct the grammar mistakes of Mr. Meen!

Here's a nice old timey adventure, all bent to test your grammar and error spotting skills, as well as your abilities to spot mistakes. The game is thus a sort of tool that puts your overall know how of the intricacies of the of the English language to test!. It is a nice overall edutainment title, featuring one mean Mr. Meen (sic!) for an antagonist. So, if you ever plan on becoming a copyeditor, this can be a game you'll find useful in your prepubescent years. As a setting you will be walking through the corridors of a maze while looking to rescue kidnapped children and during your knocking about you will find scrolls, written rather poorly by poor Mr. Meen! You have to correct them, and spot as many mistakes as possible, but hurry, hurry, for if you're not fast enough Meenie in person will catch you. The game features animations in the style of Link: The Faces of Evil the kind of CD-i games that looked to copy the graphical style of laserdisc games such as Dragon's Lair. This DOS version is almost as lavish as the CD-i version, though its animation frames are poorer color wise and in terms of the number of frames per second that get displayed, but otherwise, the grammar correcting portion is implemented the same. Worth a try, for sure!

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