Micro League Baseball 2

Sport 1989 Dos Micro League Baseball

So simple graphically that it's enticing! Try it!

Micro League Baseball 2 is a very good, very cartoonish and yet very playable baseball game. In my view, it is similar in scope and execution to the games of the Sensible Soccer and so forth series. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean you get a cartoony, yet not dumbed down so much approach that the core gameplay turns to a second thing, that it just no longer makes sense. No, Micro League Baseball 2 is a baseball game where gameplay is exquisite, where the controls are simple yet efficient and very responsive, and the game has a graphical allure that makes it very interesting, makes it stand out nicely. And, for a 98 game, the color and the drawing of the athletes is just very nice, it almost puts a smile ony our face, but never allows you to take a road where the gameplay is subpar. Thus, if playability is high in your list then, in terms of oldie action games this one will deliver. In top down 2D, Micro League Baseball 2 is unquestionably one of the best out there. Sure, Micro League Baseball is worth downloading too, but this second one has more of the good stuff in all of the departments. So, yes, a baseball game worthy of being in all retro gamers collections.

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