Micro League Football 1

Sport 1991 Dos Micro League Football

Very playable, simple in graphics and controls

Micro League Football 1 is a really well polished, interesting and always exciting American Football game. It's built around the idea that you want to tackle the strategy of the game as well as the tactics portion of it, in a direct manner, without though getting lost in a thousand options and other such things that are not fun. So what the game does is put only the most important controls and options in the game, sparing you the difficulty of just trying to keep your focus, when you have a thousand options and a thousand ways to go about playing it. Nope, what Micro League Football 1 does is create a unique build, with simple and really playable elements. Now, graphically, this 2D game looks really good, and the fact that it is oriented towards playability means that it doesn't have too many frills and doesn't showcase anything too extraordinary in this area either. But, for what it's worth, Micro League Football 1 works just fine, and it creates a beautiful, well organizes type of deal. So, if you like it, but would rather go for a more advanced version of it, with better graphics, Micro League Football 2 is definitely the way to go, as it has much more to offer graphically and additions wise.

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