Midnight Outlaw: Illegal Street Drag

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Illegal drag racing specialist

The phenomenon might not still be as wide spread as is used to be, but drag racing was all the rage in the early 2000s! Therefore, games were quick to capitalize on that fad, and so, with a game such as Midnight Outlaw: Illegal Street Drag you get the chance to get inside the local scene at no cost! The game looks a lot like the era Need for Speed games, which is a total compliment for this one, actually a budget game. But, given its rather small structural footprint, you'd be hardpressed to find fault with it: it looks more than alright, controls nice, with a very simple, very arcade control scheme, and more than anything it is lots of fun. Of course, don't expect the inclusion of real life vehicles, but the roaster of drag equipment (if you'll allow this way of referring to the vehicles!) works more than alright. Overall, the game can be very interesting in that it gives you drag strips in this entire city. Nope, the city is not entirely free to explore but you wouldn't probably want to wonder about with no immediate goal at any rate. So play it if you feel like drag racing, this is the perfectly capable game to go about doing that.

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