Speed Busters: American Highways

Racing 1998 Windows UBI Soft City race Challenges Rally Arcade

A typical racing genre game

Speed Busters: American Highways is a typical racing game. Speed Busters: American Highways was also ported to the Sega Dreamcast where it was the more well known and popular released title "Speed Devils". The game gets pretty boring pretty quickly , with poor game design, poor steering of the car and repetitive tracks. The two player option doesn't provide much more improvements. While it is better than most racing games released around it's time, only just and offers nothing new to the genre, it is very similar to the Cruis'n USA in gameplay. The graphics are fairly good, the choice of All-American cars is pretty good, but the rest of the game seems to lack. Speed Busters could have been potentially a really classic game, but it fell short on gameplay. Some interesting and fun shortcuts do vary the levels up a little bit, and the A.I. computer players do keep up with you even when you crash,(which you will a lot) which will make you feel like you are still in the race. An online version was released on the Sega Dreamcast, which unfortunately I never got to play, but I assume it would add more fun to the game. Whether you are playing this on Dreamcast or PC, Crazy Taxi or Daytona would be a more fun racing games to play, but Speed Busters: American Highways is a racing game still worth checking out for a few hours entertainment..

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