Task Force 1942

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Microprose Naval World Wars Strategic scope

South Pacific naval sim focused on surface shooting action

The Task Force 1942 game could have tried a more simulator version of what it tries to do, offer you a top down as well as first person view of a gunner, mounted on a ship at sea. However, this portion of the game plays mostly as an arcade shooter, the simulator portion having to do more with the way the game tackles your strategic placement during battles. Graphics wise you should not expect anything too good, however, for its time the game managed a relatively decent type of graphic outlook, with static 2D sceneries and large HUDs that were not really functional in all of their depictions. But, nevertheless, the game doesn't suffer because of these problems; it can still be tackled if you have the patience for such game combinations. The strategic portion is by no means complicated but it might be harder to tackle due to the insufficient information you are presented with, while the shooting potion can also be made harder by the implementation of the trajectory of bullets and other missiles, which at times can prove misleading. So, take care with this one, it's not the most user friendly shooter game out there, nor the most sophisticated strategy game either.

Top down or first person shooter?

In Task Force '42 you can guide your fleet be it Japanese or American in any action station. Turret guns, torpedo stations it is without doubt the best Naval game ever released. Yes its an oldie but goodie! Imagine taking your destroyer squadron through the ranks of japanese cruisers and sinking the fight before it begins. Or breaking through with the Japanese flottilla and blowing the Liberty ships full of troops helplessly anchored to the bottom.Luckily for us we can learn from our mistakes and play the next game from a different role. But never forget that it is based on fact. A lot of men from both sides perished in this engagement. Like "Close Combat Invasion Normandy" the game is timeless, no game is the same so you can bring your ships via different routes, causing different outcomes.

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