Carrier Strike: South Pacific

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI Naval World Wars Strategic scope

classic naval war simulation and strategy game

It is a naval flight simulation game which is based on the theme of the World War 2. Apart from the strategic elements in the game, the simulation elements are very good and vast spread and they allow you to go into the in depth details of the gameplay. You have a wide array of distinct missions that you will be directing and controlling from your ship carrier which is loaded with aircraft bombers and other fighter planes. Not only you have to direct the missions or the fights, but you will also have to manage other aspects that come before you actually launch the missions. These aspects include selecting the bombers for the missions, movement of the aircrafts from their hanger to the flight deck and some other important things. The A1 in the game is brilliant because you have all the elements that you might see in real naval wars. The missions in the campaign mode of the game are pretty large in numbers and are diverse in their individual capacity. The graphics are fairly designed but the gameplay due to the classic A1 is great and intriguing. You will really get involved in it once you start playing it. Task Force 1942 has very much the same theme and is almost as good as this one.

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