Might and Magic 2: Gates to Another World

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Color is the new dimension!

The first Might and Magic game can only, really, be loved by diehard fans of the pseudo 3D RPG genre, with stick men and black the color of everything. For the rest of us, the second title is a good one for a more varied palette of players, as it introduces color, more substantial flavor texts and dialogues and makes the math of the fights and of the character's progression even more visible and easy to sink into. Naturally, don't expect epicness of the sort that The Elder Scrolls Dagerfall could create, but you will also not be disappointed if you know to tone down your desires. I mean, 88 sure was retro as retro can go for PC games, and even the fact that a game like this was possible at all is a statement of engineering mastery from the developers. So, why fight in this one oldie RPG? Well, my thinking is that if you want to have a feel at the way RPGs developed ever the time, or simply love the Might and Magic franchise, this will be an incursion in a time period where the feel of the game was done through math (for the battles) and also through dungeons, limited as they could be. And I think any serious role player has got to try an old series, just to see how much we've evolved in the interim.

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