Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen

RPG 1992 Dos New World Computing Fantasy Myth and legend

Top notch questing action

Standing comfortably alongside the Ultima, Elder Scrolls and Wizardry series, Might and Magic is one of the legends of the fantasy RPG scene. While this fourth instalment in the series doesn't differ too much from the established conventions of the previous games in the franchise, it offers a few new elements alongside its epic storyline and creates an RPG that is well worth playing. It might be worth playing at least Might and Magic 3 however, as the story does continue some of the events which transpired in that game. A new villain soon pops up though and threatens to take over the land of Xeen, which is where the player comes in. Forming a party of six adventurers, you must engage in the usual fantasy RPG activities of exploring, fighting and completing quests for the various characters you encounter along the way. In terms of gameplay, visuals and interface, Might and Magic 4 is basically the same as the previous game, but this is no bad thing as Might and Magic 3 is an excellent RPG. The new features here are useful and include things like the ability to make notes on your quests and to keep quest items in a separate inventory and these do help to streamline things. There is also a greater number of cutscenes than before, which are of impressive quality and which help move the story along nicely. Another intriguing element of the game is the presence of teleporters which allow players to jump back and forth between this game and Might and Magic 5 in order to complete the multiple cross-over quests. This really is an excellent RPG and offers much to veterans and newcomers alike. The combat is complex but satisfying while the exploration and story are grand and epic and overall, this is a top-notch RPG.

Clouds of Xeen is a 3D role player, continues the MM saga

The fourth game in the series sees the upheaval of Lord Xeen a villain which looks to bring a reign of terror on the land of Terra. He manages to escape from his prison of Crodo, and so, you and your party will mostly be tasked with capturing or defeating him. But, in the mean time, a lot more quests will have to be tackled, in order to bring yourself to a level that will make it possible to defeat the mighty Xeen. In terms of effective gameplay, the game drops you in a Golden Box reminiscent 3D world, where it serves you quests and a lot of tactically challenging battles. The game has a sprawling right hand interface, but it also maps a lot of the controls on the keyboard, so that advanced players can play faster and more streamlined. Graphically, the game is the best yet in the series, with lots of diverse monsters, a graphically enticing design and also, with a rather good choice of colors, which rarely clash too hard. Thus, if you have fallen in love with the Might and Magic series, the forth in the series is a good game just as well and it will keep you playing until one of the two possible ending are uncovered.

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