Might and Magic: World of Xeen

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The Shivering Isles of the Might and Magic series!

Alright, don't expect quite the level of chaos and the narrative subtleties that the Shivering Isles, the expansion for The Elder Scrolls Oblivion was capable of, but nonetheless, considering the times and the technical advances achieved, Might and Magic: World of Xeen is a pretty impressive game, in the vein of that expansion that I've just mentioned. True, again, Might and Magic: World of Xeen is also a diverse game and a damn expansive one. I spent but a few hours with it, for about a week and I barely scraped it in terms of seeing all the content it packs. Yap, a game in these days meant a lot of content, buckets upon buckets of fun! That is why some might think, after just looking at it for a few minutes that it's yet another game, but in truth it is a might experience, one that demands lots of investment from you, and lots of free time. Also, do play Land of Xeen and Clouds of Xeen for good measure, as the stories are intertwined, granted, if you really look forward to actually investing months of play into these titles. Yap, that's what fully featured games were like back in the day! RPGs today are almost demo sized compared to these good old days, when you really had to program playing these games like it was a second job, hehe!

Rpg fantasy with diverse elements

The series has been very good in finding base with a lot of RPG lovers and this version in the series is a typical RPG classic that is both diverse and fun to play. The plot is though based on the previous versions but this time around you will counter a villain by the name of Xeen who has brought trouble to the world of Nacelle. The lord claims that he owns the land is causing destruction to take it. The plot is pretty much conventional but the gameplay in this version is a bit diverse despite a lot of similarities to the previous versions. You will set out on different adventures where you will counter a lot of elements, characters and puzzles and other different items for collection. Though you have a lot of typical RPG elements in the gameplay, but they have added a lot of diversity to those features or you can say that they have expanded those features to make the game even more interesting to play. The graphics are very good by all means and the sounds as compared to the previous version have improved tremendously. The previous version which I am sure you will love is Might and Magic 3.

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