Wizardry V

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Sir-tech Software Dungeons and Dragons Medieval

Simpler than its predecessor, Return of Werna but fun

Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom is a classic RPG game, featuring the look and feel that by now might keep many players away. However, if you find it in you to get past the rather minimalist graphic presentation you will find that the game is a good blend of action and story, weaved together quite proficiently. In this game you are going to be the head of a party of up to 5, you included, and venture quite deep into an underground maze. Yes, while the game has a few portions above ground, most of it is a simple game that will ask of you to negotiate your way through catacombs, avoid higher yield enemies, while becoming powerful enough to tackle the escalatingly difficult encounters. The dungeon crawl is thus the main portion of the game, and thus, the more exploration you do, the better the chances you will run into better equipment, either stashed in some far away corner, or offered to you by a defeated enemy. So, if you know the drill, exploration plus hearty fights, this old school RPG will offer hours of play, but do not forget that it takes it toll on those with higher graphical needs/demands.

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