Millenium 2

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Galactic War Space combat

Strategy game based on colonization and terraformation

The game is a turn based strategy that offers you the chance to colonize and explore an entire galaxy, trying to get as much as a grip as possible on the resources of planets, while avoiding alien confrontation until you're ready for it. The game is more of a mathematical economical puzzle than a turn based strategy focused on combat. This means that you will spend most of your time managing your output and building new bases on the hospitable planets in the local solar system. Later on, confrontations become necessary, but for the beginning pacing your evolution in regard to the resources that you have is what you'll be doing. Also, you don't get to explore far away galaxies at first, instead managing a moon base, but that takes a different turn later on. So, if you want a deep strategy with a powerful economic portion, Millenium 2 will certainly do it for you. However, be ready for minimalist interfaces and a not too clear set of rules from the get go, though, if you persist, you will learn most of the controls and most of the relationships between different strategic elements.

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