Star Control 2

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Accolade Galactic War Space combat

Strategy game with adventure elements

If you love strategy games that allow you to dominate an entire universe, then Star Control is the game series to go for. Along with such classics as Elite, Star Control was one of the series to contribute to the creation and dissemination of 4X games, where the economic, strategic, military and exploration sides of the gameplay were all included. Star Control however had its own unique recipe, in that it combined the strategic core elements with a very interesting adventure game base, turning the game onto a new and unique genre mash up that can still feel fresh and novel. Half the game you will have to play the game as Captain Burton who will engage in conversations and attempts at diplomacy with different representatives of the alien races featured in the game, the Thralls, the Tobermoon, and the Earthlings, the human species of the game. The other portion of the game will play as a star themed strategy, where you will decide whom to invade, gather resources, endgame in commercial relationships and engage in war. Graphics are not extraordinary and the interactions and mechanics can feel a bit stiff and frustrating, so either make sure you only play for shorter sessions at a time or immerse yourself in other 4X strategy game of the era, to get in the mood for this one. If only for the story alone, the game is worth a revisit, at least for those that enjoy later 4X games such as X2, X3 and the like.

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